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Black Soil


Landscaping materials tips, tricks and frequently asked questions.

What is your delivery charge?

It is a base minimum of $60. It will increase with the amount of materials you have and the distance you are from the yard. Check out the chart under Delivery and Services!

What do you suggest for vegetable gardens?

Our Green Thumb mix is our premium gardening soil with peat moss, shale, and pumice mixed in. It is the best soil to use when growing vegetables. As a bottom soil, we suggest either our Plant Mix or our Lawn Mix, which is just a blend of dirt and compost. 

When building a pathway, what is the best material that will compact well? 

Any of our Breezes would be the best for pathways! They compact well, especially after a rainfall. 

Can you deliver multiple materials?

We can deliver 2 at a time. We have a dump trailer that will attach to our small dump truck to keep the materials separated. The maximum capacity for a split loads is 5 tons or 8 yards per product.

What do I use for horse stalls?

If you are looking for material to put underneath mats, we suggest our Breezes because they compact well. If you are looking for something to put in the stalls, we would suggest our Squeegee (pea gravel and concrete sand).

How do you deliver boulders and other large materials?

We load up the requested materials and a skid steer. We will come to your house and place them where you want. That service is $140/hour with a 1-hour minimum. 

If I don't have a truck or trailer, how do I get materials?

If you are looking for a small quantity, we charge $5 for a 5-gallon bucket of any material. If you are needing more material, we deliver!

What do I put in a driveway?

We recommend Roadbase or Structural Fill, because of the compaction of the materials. Recycled Asphalt could be useful for ramps. 


Can you do landscaping designs for my home?

No, unfortunately, we do not, we just supply materials. But we can recommend great landscapers who often work with us!

WHAT is the best sized gravel to walk on? 

Anything 3/4"or smaller will be the easiest and most natural feeling. 


WHAT kind of dirt should i use to fill Yard holes?

Screened fill dirt with a small layer of lawn mix would be the best for re-seeding holes.

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